Maroesja & Ferry@ 9:00pm 07-20-2010
Jaaaahaaa, eindelijk tijd gemaakt om jullie te bedanken dat we tijdelijk in jullie paradijsje mochten verblijven! Nog elke dag denken we aan die fijne dagen op het strand, lekker snorkelen, keuze maken tussen kayakken of lezen (lezen...) en het heerlijke eten! Wat een fantastische huwelijksreis, volgend jaar komen wij zeker ons 1-jarig jubileum bij jullie vieren! Heel veel liefs!
Martin en Yusti@ 3:17pm 07-16-2010
Hoi Sylvia en Peter,

Wat hebben jullie het goed voor elkaar zeg! We hebben het heerlijk gehad, mooie dingen gezien, heerlijk gegeten (lekkere wijn ook trouwens). De perfecte plek om tot rust te komen in een prachtig resort en een prachtige omgeving.
We hebben genoten!

Martin en Yusti
Jacques@ 1:17pm 05-19-2010
Ha die Sylvia en Peter , we hebben ons uitstekend vermaakt tijdens ons verblijf bij jullie, ondanks ons uitstapje naar het ziekenhuis. Hierbij wil ik jullie nogmaals bedanken voor alle medewerking die we hebben gehad ( ziekenhuis, internet, flexibele verblijfsdata, vervoer etc.). Zodra we weer in azie zijn komen we zeker weer even
langs. groet Jacques, Marlon, Piet en Henk
Anna Johan & Elvis@ 10:41pm 05-14-2010
Hi Sylvia & Peter. Just wanted to send a qick mail to say that your place is fantastic ! We really enjoyed cayaking from Qimichalet to grab a beer and a burger at Turtle Valley.I guess we´ll see you next year again. All the best Anna & Johan from Sweden !
Don and Annemarie@ 2:04am 03-31-2010
We both had the time off our lives with Sylvia and Peter in Oct 2009 on Turtle valley have already booked for September 10 we cant wait counting down the days just have the pernod ready when we get off the boatxxx
Siti Musliha@ 11:47am 02-24-2010
I am so excited to meet you sylvia & peter!!! I have been checking out reviews about turtle valley almost everyday, checking out pictures from ur guests & all have great reviews! i will be der on the 8th of april.. how i wish the time will be tick faster!!!
Jeffrey en Melissa@ 3:36am 09-08-2009
Hallo allemaal!

Hoe is het met jullie? Hier alles zijn gangetje en al lang weer aan vakantie toe.... Ik heb vorige week mij triathlon in Almere gehad en had Linda beloofd te vertellen hoe dat gegaan was. Nou.... Goed, maar het was zwaar.. Er stond een behoorlijke wind en dat maakt het fietsen in de Flevolandse Polder nou niet echt aangenaam. Jeffrey zit inmiddels al bijna 7 weken in Afghanistan en dat gaat allemaal redelijk goed. Er zijn echter gisteren en vandaag weer twee Nederlandse militairen gesneuveld en dat is natuurlijk verschrikkelijk triest.

Jongens, geniet nog even lekker van Kapas voordat het regenseizoen bij jullie voor de deur staat!

Liefs Jeffrey en Melissa
Thomas & Gisela@ 4:15pm 08-20-2009
After visiting a number of different resorts in Malaysia we found the place to relax in.
You create a balance between Asian and European culture that really attracted us. Your dining was done with love and care. And your staff was great.

Thanks for the wonderful days you gave us.


Thomas, Gisela, Henrik & Louise
Andy & Jenny@ 10:55pm 08-08-2009
Hi Sylvia & Peter,

Please let us know if you have a 4 bed chalet (2 xxxfactors 2 kids) for approx April 5th to 12th next year & if so, please let us know the cost per night.


Jenny & Andy
Ray@ 4:01am 07-28-2009
After a week of jungle trekking and climing Gunung Tahan I needed a week to relax. If you need a place to relax then Kapas is the place to be and especially Turtle Valley. Sylvia and Peter take care of you and you do not need to leave the resort because the food is good. I spent 4 days and I loved it. A nice bungalow with a wonderful view...... Planning to go back again when I am in Malaysia.

Syl and Peter thanks for the relaxing time........

Luv to come back and work in your SPA...
chirstina eyermann@ 6:29pm 07-23-2009
wow, the postings in your guest book make me wanna stay at your guesthouse! was hesitating where to hit, kapas or the moment, i really feel like going to kapas....or maybe both
Anna Kim@ 5:08pm 06-17-2009
Hi, Sylvia, Peter and the super-friendly staffs:
Stefan (German) and I (Anna, Korean) stayed at your blissful resort from May 21 till 23.
Now, am having a coffee break from my (deadline-driven) work *sigh* and reminiscing on my great memories about Kapas Island and your resort...
Although I've stayed at a number of five-star hotels/resorts, etc., Kapas Turtle Valley was one of the most unforgettable ones; there's SOMETHING about KTV despite relatively cheap rates.
Your resort is almost like a secluded little paradise and has a private island kinda feel.
In a posting below, someone mentioned that he felt as if he were like Robinson Crusoe there.
Guess what?!
Your resort sorta reminded me of the sublime private island paradise in one of my all-time fave flicks, "The Beach" (in which Leonardo DiCaprio starred).
BTW, if you dig ocean, beach, adventures, and stuff and haven't seen this flim yet, you gotta definitely check out this movie!
Loved Kapas Island!
It has enchanting idyllic beaches and its underwater wolrd is as diverse as anywhere can be with infinite variety of hard and soft corals, colorful tropical fish, seashells and aqua-blue water.
Kapas is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, boating, kayaking, fishing or just for chilling and reading great literature in a laid-back atmosphere (I was reading "The Historian" and "Twilight" there. Ha, both happen to be about vampires).
The waters are as good as Phi phi, Phuket (where "The Beach" was actually shot) or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but less frequented and isolated.
One tip for those who come to Kapas -- don't forget to bring mosquito spray and tons of sun block lotion!
Another tip is after dinner, come down to the beach, and enjoy night ocean waves feeling soft breeze on your skin - freakin' romantic!
If the weather would be sunny that day, you could see incredible amount of stars scattered all around the night sky --it was amazing and incredible to see soooo many stars in this Global-Warming era...
Sylvia, loved your food, especially the grilled juicy and scrumptious beef steak with garlic olive sauce!
I absolutley adoooored your intriguing superlovely cats (I'm a cat-stalker, haha).
And thank you, staffs, for playing one of my CDs I brought, "California Chillout" when we were dining in the evening!
Cheers and ciao!~
Anna und Stefan
Gerhard en Monica@ 1:45am 06-13-2009
In de planning voor onze rondreis Maleisie hadden we Kapas slechts als dagtocht ingepland. Omdat de resorts in Marang die we hadden gezien allemaal vrij dicht langs de drukke weg liggen, besloten we dan maar 1 of 2 nachtjes naar Kapas over te steken. Wel... dat werden er dus uiteindelijk 6 ! Kapas is op zich al prachtig, maar de ligging van KPV is echt perfect, prive strand, heerlijk rustig, fijne hutten, zalig eten, lekkere wijn, kortom, we hebben genoten ! Een aanrader voor iedereen.
Cath O'Neill@ 1:25am 06-03-2009
Five star standard food- never tasted anything better. Beautiful rooms, great private beach, lovely people. Quite possibly the best holiday I every had!
Cath, Iman, Mia and Cael (who was just a bump in my tummy when we were there!)
U&C Stichert@ 11:27am 05-28-2009
If you want to feel like a five star Robinson Crusoe once in your life, you will find your place of dreams at the Kapas Turtle Valley resort. Rustique wooden cottages under shady trees, white sandy beaches and turquoise water full of multi-colored fishes, corals and sea anemones make a dream come true! The four days we spent there as Sylvia's and Peter's guests were simply heavenly.

And forget any gossip you ever heared about Dutch cooking! You will not get anything like "broodjes" or "kroketjes" here.
Sylvia celebrates her affection to cooking by presenting her compositions personally to the guests and by exceeding our culinary expectations every day! All dishes were composed individually, cooked with garlic and served with love.

And remember that every egg in your omelette and every single bean for your morning coffee was brought from the main land by Peter in his little boat.

Again, thanks to you all Sylvia, Peter and not to forget sporty Linda for the perfect days we spent with you!

Urs & Constanze from Munich, Germany

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